Book Details
Title: My Mommy's on a Business Trip
Author: Phaedra Cucina
Illustrator: Shelley Johannes
Copyright date: October 2008
ISBN: 978-9818807-0-9
Number of pages: 24
Size: 9" x 9"
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: DolceVita Press, LLC
Price: $18.99 (USD)
Where to buy: available at

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Press Mentions

The Buzz—Praise for My Mommy's on a Business Trip

"Thank you for putting some pride and happiness behind why my wife is away traveling and working."

Scott Prath
Vice President, Bilinguistics, Inc.
Parent of one

"The balance of being a mother and a professional are perfectly captured in this delightful book. My first trip away from my daughter was at just three months old. Today, as a young adult, she feels our phone conversations during those various separations gave her a strong sense of independence and confidence. This story is a special insight into all of those unique emotions toward finding that balance. I recommend “Mommy’s on a Business Trip” to all moms."

Becky Higgins
VP of Marketing for Zale Corporation
Mother of One

"Every time my suitcase comes out of the closet, my 2-year old son throws himself into the suitcase crying “no go!” and my 4-year old daughter tosses in the sunscreen telling me that she hopes I have a great 'vacation.' As my heart sinks and tears well in my eyes, I choke back the lump in my throat and tell them that mommy needs to go. This is such a great book to capture both the feelings of the mom and child. It is always a struggle and there is no easy answer, but I always remind myself that I am being a good role-model for my kids and it always makes me appreciate the time we do spend together. I look forward to reading this book to them before I get on that plane!"

Jen Dorre
Director of Sales, Microsoft
Mother of Two

"I love this book! As a professional woman who travels and feels guilty about it, I can really relate. I can’t wait to read this to my kids. I think it will help them understand why I travel and how much I miss and love them. Nicely done."

Jeanne Acton-Shanks
Journalism Director, University Interscholastic League
Mother of Two

"Going on business trips can evoke many emotions, not the least of which is guilt over being away from family. Here's a helpful read to comfort all family members when mom must be away."

Lee Harper
Vice President, Southeastern Asset Management
Mother of One

"A must-read for every mother and child. As the mother of 21 year-old twins, with 32 years in corporate America, I highly recommend this book for any professional businesswoman who is striving to successfully balance her career and family."

Linda Rebrovick
Formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of BearingPoint
Mother of Two

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"This book lovingly demonstrates how those of us who travel for work leave a positive legacy for our kids by demonstrating how to be courageous when we are apart and grateful for the times we are together. I wish I had this book for my children when they were young!"

Shawn Dennis
Chief Marketing Officer, The American Girl Company
Mother of Two

"A must for every mommy executive! This book should be a staple in the HR department to be given to women executives who have a family."

Jennifer Suarez SVP Workforce Development
CBS Inc.
Mother of Two

"Companies should provide this book to all their employees! Our family still today measures my time away in how many 'sleeps' will mom be away. Phaedra has hit the mark in helping to explain to young children why we leave and most importantly why we always come back."

Lynn Cranford
VP Product Communications for Dell Inc
Mother of Two

"This is a beautiful book. I wish I had it when my children were younger. It takes the mystery out of business travel for our children, which is half the challenge."

Maria Bailey
Founder of and host of
Mother of Four

"I travelled around the world when my children were quite young. It was—in a word—hard. I wish I had this little book to remind them (and me) that everything would be alright."

June Blocklin
Partner, Gilbert and Company
Mother of Two

"This is a wonderful book for Moms on the go! It allows me to ease into my business trips knowing my child understands how much I will miss her while I am gone. We can spend the days up to my trip reading together, and then read it over the phone while I am away."

Pam Ellene Narvaez
Owner, Direct Effect Coaching
Mother of One

"While I packed for business trips, it had become a tradition for my 3-year old daughter, Tess, to climb into the suitcase and ask to join me on the trip. We now have a new tradition…reading ‘My Mommy’s on a Business Trip’ together before I leave."
Karen Caveney
Global HR Information Management Leader at Dell
Mother of One

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"Even after years of going on business trips and coming back, my two sons still ask me each and every time I’m getting ready to depart, 'are you coming back?' Having this book to help us talk about why we travel, what it means, how much we miss them, and that we always come back puts the experience of ‘parents traveling’ on par with other scary experiences that books help us prepare for – going to the dentist, using the potty, going to kindergarten and more. I’ve added this lovely and touching book to our line-up – it will come in handy next time our younger son asks 'what do you do in New York City?'"

Kya Sainsbury-Carter
Director of SMB Ad Services, Microsoft
Mother of Two

"As a former road warrior for companies like EDS and Oracle, I would have loved this book for my now 11 year old."

Valerie Shaw, Director
The Ladies Room with Lolis Talk Radio Show
Mother of One

"I'm so glad you wrote a book to address the issue of a lengthy separation of mother and child because of work. In our busy and sometimes fast paced business lives, it is easy to forget that our absence do affect our children. This book is a helpful tool for the young child of today's career mom who has to travel!"

Maria Alma Scelsi
Ethnic Loft, Owner, and
Mother of Two

"My youngest daughter, age 3, is already having a difficult time with me just talking to her about the idea of me being gone more than a day. My Mommy's going on a Business Trip allowed me to show her the pictures to go with 'my words.' The book is very age appropriate for young children who have a difficult time grasping the concept, especially the time concept of a day or week. Phaedra Cucina provides moms with a much needed book to help them focus on the tasks at hand, knowing their children understand and are not upset and wondering if mommy will come back."

Melanie Johnson
Athena Financial Group
Mother of Four

"We read the much anticipated book and were really impressed. The message is simple and sweet and helps explain an increasingly common situation in families of today. The illustrations are fun and really make the words come alive. It is great asset to have for families with traveling professional parents and small children."

Brian and Michelle Rauch
Director, Versata Software, and Senior Manager, Data Consulting Group
Parents of Two

"I can’t wait to give the book to my son, Samuel. It’s a perfect way to remind him all is well and I’ll be home soon! I love the picture of the mom returning and picking up the baby. It is one of my favorite moments when I return home and the book captures it perfectly! How wonderful!"

Amanda Hodges
Sales Effectiveness Manager, Dell Inc
Mother of One

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"The book captures the emotions that I see my children have when I leave for a business trip. They always think I am having fun in the hotel and have time to go shopping! The illustrations match their dreams and our realities. Great job."

Mollie VanDerKarr
ENT Consultant, Acclarent, Inc.,
Mother of Three

"I can’t wait to share this book with all of my friends who travel for work. “My Mommy’s Going on a Business Trip” is the perfect tool for parents to help ease a child’s fear of separation while mom is away."

Heidi Kadison
Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors
Mother of Two

"How rewarding to share business trips with your children through this delightful and insightful book of adventure. Through sweet prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages mother's to openly share their traveling adventures in an emotionally comforting and fun way. It is okay to miss mommy and okay for mommy to experience things away from children too. Thank you, Phaedra, for bringing our work, travel and children together in a fun and soul-felt way. This book is a gift to working mothers and the children they love."

Marianne MacKenzie
Soul Coach
Mother of Two

"Phaedra’s book shows us what it means to a child when Mommy leaves on a business trip and how they relate what Mommy’s doing to what they do. It also reassures your little ones that Mommy isn’t leaving because she loves being away from you, and that she’s always coming back!"

Sharon Lastrapes
Owner, Integrated Wellness
Mother of Two

"Well it's a bummer to leave my babies, but at least this helps me explain in their terms!"

Amy Musgrave Brown
Senior Marketing Manager, Dell, Inc.
Mother of Two
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