My Mommy's on a Business Trip

A Working Mother Magazine Top Pick for Children’s books!

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My Mommy's on a Business TripBusiness trips are rough on kids.
You can make them easier.
The angst mothers and children feel over business travel often goes unspoken, yet is a common issue young families struggle with – sometimes weekly!  Now there’s a special book to help both kids and moms feel better about their time apart.  There are books on going potty, the first day of school, going to the doctor, etc., but, until now, nothing was available to help children understand why mommy is leaving or reassure them that she's coming back. 

Featured in the February/March issue of Working Mother Magazine as a Top Pick for Children’s Books, this highly acclaimed, beautifully illustrated book is garnering sighs of relief from working moms across the country. Order your copy of My Mommy’s on a Business Trip for the special children, moms, co-workers, and friends in your life and give them a unique, heartwarming gift they’ll always remember.

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"This book lovingly demonstrates how those of us who travel for work leave a positive legacy for our kids by demonstrating how to be courageous when we are apart and grateful for the times we are together. I wish I had this book for my children when they were young!"

Shawn Dennis
Chief Marketing Officer, The American Girl Company
Mother of Two

Publisher’s Review:

My Mommy’s on a Business Trip is a little girl’s rendition of the adventures of business travel with the endearing and reassuring message that no matter what mom’s up to, she loves her and is coming home soon! This unique book allows children and parents to discuss fears and concerns about upcoming trips in a fun, supportive way. Through the voice of a child, the story explores the unbreakable bond between mother and child – even when mom has to leave town. This book is essential for the home library of every working parent and the little children who love them!

Praise for My Mommy’s on a Business Trip

What readers are saying about My Mommy’s on a Business Trip:

"I love this book! As a professional woman who travels and feels guilty about it, I can really relate. I can’t wait to read this to my kids. I think it will help them understand why I travel and how much I miss and love them. Nicely done."
Jeanne Acton-Shanks
University Interscholastic League, Journalism Director
Mother of Two
"This is a beautiful book. I wish I had it when my children were younger. It takes the mystery out of business travel for our children, which is half the challenge."
Maria Bailey
Founder of and host of
Mother of Four

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My Daddy’s on a Business Trip – coming soon!

Phaedra is currently working on My Daddy’s on a Business Trip, the companion book to My Mommy’s on a Business Trip. The story is the same, but features dad-at-large instead of mom. If you’d like to be notified when it is available, you may email Phaedra directly at


Meet the Author

Phaedra CucinaPhaedra Cucina is a marketing specialist and mother of two young children who has worked in corporate America since the early 1990’s. My Mommy’s on a Business Trip is Phaedra’s first book, and the first in an upcoming series designed to explain the world of work to small children in a positive, meaningful way.

Phaedra wrote this book because she needed it.  When required to travel for work, she couldn’t find a simple way to explain what was happening to her own young daughter, who was quite confused and upset. Determined to find a solution for herself and other working parents, Phaedra set out to write a book that would easily explain the adult concept of work to young kids. My Mommy’s on a Business Trip is truly written from the heart of a mom in the trenches – providing for her family while keeping things together at home.  

Phaedra grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and now lives in Austin, Texas. She earned her BA in Marketing at Michigan State University and MBA at Thunderbird – The American Graduate School of International Business. Phaedra has lived abroad in Italy, loves to travel, and spends as much of her free time as possible with her family.

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